Sun, wind, water.

Here it is where it all starts. Finally, after weeks of zero updates and not one moment to sit down and properly write my stories, I have a blog! I will keep it in english, as translating all the time can be quite time consuming – I apologise in advance if some expressions won’t be clear, I’ll try and switch as little as possible. Sometimes italian is much better, sometimes english can be absolutely fantastic. So, hard choice.

The reason why I am doing this is because I am learning so much, seeing so many things, discovering myself and new worlds all the time, I really feel the need to share what I am experiencing and going through. Anyone who has met me probably noticed that I like talking lots and loud – and with many of my closest friends I haven’t had the chance to do it as often as I wanted and needed. Please, feel free to leave comments, I’d love this to be a two-way sharing as much as it can be. Finally, I hope that writing this blog will make up for my absolute inefficiency at updating my friends on what’s going on down here. Australia is a-ma-zing!! So, let’s get on it.

Sun, wind, water. These are the keywords of my past summer, the warmest winter I have ever lived. Three months chasing freedom, running up and down the biggest island on Earth. 6000km. Bus, free rides, planes, trains, feet. A $10 tent under the Southern Cross. I don’t even know where to begin! This is my intro, the story will follow.


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  1. The first reply: we are so proud of you!
    Love from your family

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