Promise never to forget

Well, there is a hell of a lot to catch up with. I am disgusted with myself at how much I managed to procrastinate this! I am also a bit hungry right now, so I’ll try to keep shorter the oldest stuff and maybe get a bit more into detail writing about the latest happenings. To start with making especially my Italian friends hate me, my last exam was on the 19th of November last year. Since then, I have been trying to be as free as I could, more spiritually than actually with-nothing-to-do. After a bit of post-semester celebrations, and other celebrations that didn’t really have any reason but the fact that they are lots of fun, the travelling started. A return ticket to New Zealand made me recall the time of my life, and how happy I was back then in 2008. A visit to my wonderful host-family, a walk down Browns Bay, remembering it all with an enormous smile. Finally freed from those ghost memories, and able to move on, I crossed the Cook Strait. I had studied that during its long isolation, New Zealand developed a distinctive and unique biodiversity of animal and plant life. But I could not imagine what was waiting for me on the other side. Landscapes changing every half an hour, breath-taking drives and walks, a contact with such a wild Nature that marks you more than a tattoo. Every sight of logging site, especially in the North, was a stab wound. From Somes/Matiu Island, down to Nelson, Westport, Wanaka, Queenstown, the Fiordland, Christchurch.. The Country and the people really inspired me. So many just met on the road, hitching rides up and down, for the sake of adventure and discovery. Travelling there is so easy. The air is so fresh and the laughing so genuine. It is great meeting people so proud about where they live and happy to help you getting to know their lands. In Italy, we mostly hate tourists. In New Zealand, even the birds come and say hi. One of my favourite days was spent chatting with a good friend of mine on a tiny, little, inhabited island. Eating leaves and grains, everything was so instructive and liberalizing. Sometimes people say ‘we only realise what we had after we lost it’. Well, over there I could see it all, and after 4 months living in the busy Sydney that simplicity was almost regenerative.

Not once I stopped thinking how stunning that corner of world was, a small niche that I promised myself never ever to forget. It gave me energy, and new enthusiasm to make the conservation of the wonders I saw and I am studying my life-goal.

It is true, I believe, that the best te

acher is experience.


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  1. Claudia! (sorry for my english, I wondered if write in italian or in spanish, but english never fails, even if is mine). We don’t talk from long time ago, but now I feel nearest to you! Your posts are incredibles! Is really amazing how you communicate (vital, enthusiastic, happy, fluid) your experience! It remainds me many feelings of our last trip together (always in my heart). You have so much reason, the best school of live is the experience. Sun, wind, water, mountains…it inspires me, city life is more far from spirituality than the wild life. So I will follow you and your amazing blog. Continue traveling and talking. Otherwise it wouldn’t be you! As a friend, I know how you love to talk 🙂 So share and share! We love it! :))) My best regards crazy happy girl,..One penny for travel to Australia? NOW, with you.

    • Aw thanks Alba! haha your english is amazing, what are you talking about 🙂 actually, I should practice my spanish more.. and as soon as I’ll be back in Europe we’ll HAVE to catch up! Missing our travels together.. The ruteras rivoluccionarias would be the perfect group to travel around here! Carrying Central America always with me as one of my sweetest memories. A big hug, my friend, and let’s keep up with our free lives!

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