“There was nowhere to go but everywhere”

I apologise for the incredible amount of posts I have written recently, but there’s so much to say! So.. We are still in New Zealand.

After a sleepless night at Christchurch airport, my friends and I returned to New South Wales. Just in time to rest  and get my stuff together (and get robbed.. ha!), before leaving for the Gold Coast. Campervan relocation, $1 a day, a hectic drive to Byron Bay with The Friday Night Boys keeping us awake. Or waking me up, right Daniel? 😛

Byron Bay is probably my favourite beach town in Australia. Located at the far north-eastern corner of the state of New South Wales, the headland of Cape Byron is the easternmost point of mainland Australia. As information for whoever was wondering, Captain Cook named Cape Byron after John Byron, circumnavigator of the world and grandfather of the poet.

Why do I (and everyone, really) like it so much? Well, Byron Bay it is definitely one of those places in which you can feel streams of positive energy pervading the air all around you. Everybody there is happy and cheerful, and I believe it is not only because of the vicinity to Nimbin (the Amsterdam of Australia). Talking to some local environmentalists in the park, I discovered that the town is part of the erosion caldera of an ancient volcano. They reckoned that the energy of the ground inspired the creativity and liveliness of the inhabitants of the beachside, a cosmopolitan community that filled it with cafes, boutiques, galleries, bars, all very bohemian-style. And finally, plenty of hippies that welcomed my friends Kerstin, Daniel, Stefan and me to their Arts Factory.

Three friends of mine and I spent there about three days, living in the campervan and/or to the expenses of unaware hostels that we never paid for (free jacuzzi, hooray!). Byron Bay will always own a special corner of my heart also because there I could stand on a surf board for the first time in my life. Impossible to express how happy I was (disregarding the bikini failure), and how cool I felt carrying a surfboard.

As soon as this quick drive about the Gold Coast ended, the time came to chill a bit in the big City. I wanted to do all the typical ‘Sydney touristy stuff’ that I hadn’t done before – you know, when you live somewhere you procrastinate the local visits for the sake of reaching the exotic very-far-away places. Australia museum, Botanical Gardens, Royal National Park, Opera House, and of course beachbeachbeach. In two weeks Christmas arrived and my sister together with it, and a Christmas dinner in tank top was one of the highlights of my holiday. Hoping to make my sister get a good taste of what is like to live in Australia, in the next few days we went together to do some wine & beer tasting, sand boarding, kangaroo feeding and getting lost partying at King’s Cross. For New Years, Sydney was a riot. The day spent at Blues Point with great friends (photo below) and the amazing sight of the worldwide famous Sydney fireworks do not pay the walk on the Harbour Bridge and through George St on the way home, where we enjoyed scenes worthy of movies like Escape from New York or 28 days later. Priceless.


As soon as we caught up with our sleep, a taxi arrived just in time for us to get onto the next plane. Melbourne part two was about to begin..


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