Cane toads in Australia

In 2013 I attended a Field Course with the University of Sydney. We set off to Mary River Park, in the tropical, sticky and awesome Northern Territory.

Driving through Mary River Park


We carried out group projects, most of which involved the studying of the terribly invasive cane toad (Bufo marinus), a serious threat for the majority of the local australian fauna. My group and I studied the toad movement, with the aim of understanding which kind of substrate these toads prefer to hop on. We believed that the better understanding of the dynamics of toad movement would have been of great help with predicting the direction and speed of their further spread.

My impeccable impression of a cane toad, featuring a cane toad.

It was an amazing experience, which also involved lots of night patrolling, species collection and identification (which included different pythons, frogs and spiders), and finally great fun trying to cope with the extreme weather conditions of the tropical rainy season!


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